Environmental Sustainability

Current lifestyle and production models threaten the continuity of the existing social organization. The sustainability discourse offers us more than just a new way of understanding these phenomena. It is not just that we are dangerously approaching the limits in the use of available natural resources (water, oil, soil, forests, biodiversity,…), nor that the earth’s capacity to absorb the waste generated by current means of production without disrupting the functionality of ecosystems on a planetary scale is about to be exceeded.

Perhaps, the most notable point of the sustainability discourse is that this situation is a consequence of human actions; that it is not so much an environmental problem as a problem of the social relations that human beings maintain among themselves and with nature; that the keys to environmental and social ills lie in the model of development and social structuring that has become dominant and that globalization has ended up expanding to all corners of the Earth, generating greater inequalities and radical injustice.

Working in favor of sustainability is to promote profound changes that reverse the current social, political and productive system to guarantee both a respectful relationship with the environment and conditions of well-being and dignity for all human beings in the way each human collective defines them.

At Remar we are committed to the care of the environment, teaching future generations to value and protect all that God has given us. Proverbs 3:19

Solar bakery in Burkina Faso

This project has been of great help to the community, since the women of REMAR in that city have learned a series of knowledge and practices in the preparation of bakery products, so in this new phase they will increase learning at a higher level. professional and the construction of a porch roof for the kitchen will be implemented, the purchase of a motorcycle will be made, for the best distribution of the bread and new kitchen utensils will be acquired to improve the performance of the bakery.

Solar bakery in Haiti

Remar Haiti has been able to develop a completely new project, which will be of great benefit to the population that Remar Haiti serves. It involves the installation of an oven that works with solar energy to make bread. This modern technology that only needs the sun to ensure its operation, therefore, is a great advance for countries like Haiti. Renewable energy, in a country where sunny days abound, cheap and clean with the environment.

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