Health Care

Our work is to provide equipment, improve clinics and hospitals, promote vaccination and preventive medicine campaigns, train health promoters, carry out hospital and home visits to people who are in a situation of abandonment, and other services.

REMAR collaborates financially with some countries for the operation of this program, which is developed in cooperation with REMAR’s local counterpart. We continue to promote the creation of medical clinics to combat endemic diseases, because without health, the most basic development objectives cannot be achieved. When health is lacking, it is difficult to make any progress. Hospital and home visits are carried out by REMAR volunteers from each country to hospitals and nursing homes, ranging from simple visits to more or less intensive care of the sick. Primary health care is carried out in those places where REMAR has its own clinics or health care posts, such as Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Angola, Burkina Faso, etc., in order to combat diseases and the spread of epidemics in these countries, as well as to provide timely information for prevention and health control.

REMAR SPAIN promotes the shipment of containers with medicines and equipment to nurses and medical offices in order to meet the demands of first aid and improve the quality of life and health of thousands of people in great need.

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