Shipment of Humanitarian Aid Containers

Shipment of Humanitarian Aid Containers

Each year, REMAR delegations have contributed to the shipment of humanitarian aid containers to meet the needs of at-risk groups in developing countries that, as a result of droughts, floods, earthquakes, wars, etc., are in a situation of social emergency.

Remar sends aid to the Remar Associations located in Latin America and Africa, in support of the maintenance and improvement of the social work carried out in these countries. The donated material is used to equip and improve shelters for orphans, single mothers, the elderly and gang members; school centers for underprivileged children; occupational workshops to train young school dropouts in various trades such as metal and wood carpentry, sewing, administrative work, painting and others; soup kitchens on the streets and in prisons in Africa; hospitals and health centers.

The humanitarian aid containers shipment program has statewide coverage, therefore all REMAR Associations members of FAR (Federation of REMAR Associations) participate actively.

Every year more than 80 containers of humanitarian aid are sent, managed from the head office with the material and financial support of all the Remar delegations in Europe and North America.

The following activities are carried out in support of this program:

● Collection, gathering, sorting and classification of materials to be sent in containers (clothing and footwear, school supplies, sanitary containers (clothing and footwear, school supplies, sanitary materials, machinery and equipment, etc.) stored in an industrial warehouse, machinery and equipment, etc.) that are stored in an industrial warehouse for later shipment.

● Financial participation in an investment fund to support the payment of freight for the containers shipped each year.

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