A message of faith and hope in the midst of the humanitarian crisis

Miguel Diez Pastor, President of REMAR ONG, and his wife Mari Carmen Jiménez, have made a trip to Ukraine and Poland to bring a message of hope to people affected by the war

The war in Ukraine continues to wreak havoc on the lives of thousands of innocent people, and the need for humanitarian aid remains great. REMAR ONG is committed from the first moment to providing support to the victims of this conflict.

A journey of hope and commitment

Miguel Diez, Pastor and President of REMAR ONG and his wife Mari Carmen Jimenez have made a visit to Ukraine, an opportunity to reinforce their commitment and learn first-hand how the aid and support situation continues to develop in the areas where the NGO REMAR has been established.

During their trip they have shared with REMAR missionaries and volunteers who work tirelessly in the area. They have witnessed the work being done to provide food, shelter, medical care and support to refugees   and war victims.

They have also had the opportunity to participate in the meetings that are held with all the people who attend to receive food and help. Miguel Diez has shared with them a word of faith, good news of salvation, encouragement and hope.

REMAR: providing help in the most affected cities

In the cities of Chernivtsi, Rivne, Lviv and Kyiv, REMAR is providing hot food and medical assistance to around 1,000 people every day. Hundreds of bags of food are also being distributed to families most in need.

Poland: another front in the fight against need

In addition to their trip to Ukraine, Miguel Diez and his wife Mari Carmen Jiménez have also visited Poland. During their stay in this country, they have had the opportunity to share special moments with volunteers, missionaries and brothers who work at REMAR Poland. In an atmosphere of communion and unity, they have been able to strengthen the commitment to the social work that REMAR carries out in this country.

Poland also faces major challenges, such as the problem of malnutrition, which affects thousands of people every day. Among the most vulnerable are children, the elderly, homeless people   who have limited access to meals.

REMAR Poland works tirelessly to combat this problem and provide help to those who need it most. They offer soup kitchens where people can receive a hot, nutritious meal, as well as other essential services.

Solidarity and love of neighbor in action

REMAR’s work in Ukraine and Poland   is an example of solidarity and work done out of love for God and neighbor. Thanks to their work, thousands of people are receiving the help they need to face these difficult times.

If you want to support REMAR in its humanitarian work, you can do so by giving your contribution to continue giving hope to thousands of people who receive help daily.

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