Agreement between Remar Mendoza and the Municipality of Las Heras to build a Service Center.

The NGO Remar Argentina and the Municipality of Las Heras, province of Mendoza, Argentina, have reached an agreement to work together to build a containment center for people in vulnerable situations.

The presentation of this project for the benefit of people at risk of social exclusion was held in the Mayor’s Agreements room of the Municipality of Las Heras. A commitment has been reached for the construction of a center that will be located on Cabildo Abierto and Marconi streets in El Algarrobal, on land measuring 650 square meters, donated by Las Heras to the NGO.

This event was attended by personalities such as the mayor of Las Heras, Daniel Orozco, and the REMAR coordinator for Argentina and neighboring countries, Juan José Estévez.

The project will be in charge of professionals from the Municipality’s Secretary of Works and Public Services, and will consist of three floors that will add up to approximately 1,150 square meters of construction. It will have a pastoral house, two outdoor premises, a garage for vehicles and storage, as well as modular nuclei with rest and recreation areas. The rooms located on the first and second floors will support the stay of approximately 56 people who need support and social reintegration.

Within this framework, Mayor Daniel Orozco highlighted: “This type of joint action with organizations such as REMAR is a fundamental tool for the development of social policies, since it allows us to reach places where we should be with the community and in this opportunity – With this future undertaking, we seek to take care of the most vulnerable neighbor”

Remar Argentina has been working in this country for more than 30 years, in favor of people in a situation of socioeconomic vulnerability, and helping thousands of alcoholics and people with addictions to get out of this situation, in addition, help will be provided to the community through distributions of food, warm clothing and drinking water for families with lower incomes, and health care projects.

“So, receiving us an unshakable kingdom, let us have gratitude, and through it let us serve God pleasing him with fear and reverence;” Hebrews 12:28

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