Children from Viacha live a Christmas full of joy

REMAR Bolivia volunteers bring hope and smiles to more than 160 children from Viacha

ONG REMAR Bolivia celebrated Christmas with a day of   love and joy for children from Viacha. The activity took place at the Viacha Center, where the men of the First Pampas Phase of Ingavi reside.


Christmas celebration with the neediest children of Viacha

On the occasion, gifts were given to 160 children from the Educational Units “Centro de Educación Especial Viacha 2”, “Sub Centro Tilata” and “Unidad Educativa San Salvador Nocturno”. In addition, a chocolate bar was shared and various activities were carried out, such as games, a clown show and the message of the Word of God.

“We are very grateful to the companies that showed solidarity with us to make this activity possible,” said the director of REMAR Bolivia, Jon Ugalde. “With his help, we were able to bring joy, excitement and love to many children this Christmas season.”

Joy, smiles and hearts full of hope

The participating children were very happy to be able to enjoy such a special day. A time of laughter, games and lots of fun where the children enjoyed hearing about the story of the birth of Jesus, the greatest gift.

This activity is an example of the work that REMAR Bolivia does in Bolivia, where it works with people in vulnerable situations, providing social, educational and spiritual support.

A message of peace

During the activity, the Word of God was shared, sowing the love of Jesus in the hearts of the little ones, who is the true reason for this celebration. A message of love, joy, and peace for everyone, especially for the children who with great joy participated in this very special activity.

A light of hope for those most in need

The ONG REMAR Bolivia is a Christian organization that works with people in vulnerable situations in Bolivia. Since its founding in 1997, REMAR Bolivia has provided social, educational and spiritual support to thousands of people, especially children, women, and families at risk.

Among the main activities carried out by REMAR Bolivia are:


Rehabilitation of people with addictions:

REMAR Bolivia has rehabilitation centers for people with addiction problems to drugs, alcohol and other substances. In these centers, people receive psychological, spiritual and occupational treatment to overcome their addictions and reintegrate into society.


Care for women and children at risk:

REMAR Bolivia has homes for women and children victims of domestic violence, abandonment or extreme poverty. In these houses, women and children receive comprehensive care, including food, education, medical and psychological care.


Support for families at risk :

REMAR Bolivia provides support to families at risk of social exclusion, providing food, education, medical and psychological care.

REMAR Bolivia is an organization that works with passion and commitment to transform the lives of the people most in need. Their work is an example of hope and solidarity for Bolivia and the world.

The work of REMAR Bolivia is essential for people who live in vulnerable situations in Bolivia. Their work provides hope and opportunities to those who need it most, contributing to building a more just and supportive society.

A work for the love of God and neighbor

At REMAR Bolivia we continue working for the love of God and neighbor. Do you want to join this work of love, compassion and help hundreds of children in Bolivia?

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