Gestures of love that encourage lives at Christmas

“Because I was hungry, and you gave me food; I was thirsty, and you gave me drink; “I was a stranger, and you took me in” Matthew 25:35

Remar México volunteers bring hope to homeless migrants

On Christmas Eve, Remar México volunteers approached the train tracks in the Pueblo Quieto area, a desolate place where hundreds of homeless people, drug problems and socially displaced people who come from Central America, Guatemala are concentrated. , Honduras and El Salvador.


A solidarity action that reaches the heart

These migrants, who travel on the train they call “the beast” on their way to the United States, often remain living on the tracks, some fall into drugs and others stay there for a long time. It is a depressing place, but the Remar México volunteers arrived with a mission: to bring hope.

“We knew there was a lot of need in this place, and we wanted to do something to help,” said the team of volunteers. “We wanted these people to feel like they weren’t alone, that someone cared about them.”


Remar México demonstrates its commitment to those most in need

Volunteers brought bags with food, snacks, fruit, juices and water. The people who were there were very grateful for the help.

These people are living through very difficult times, far from their families and in great need. For this reason, every action that REMAR volunteers carry out to bring them comfort and words of encouragement   is very important.

Remar México volunteers will continue periodically visiting the poorest areas to give hope and help to the people who are there.   Their work is an example of God’s love, compassion and kindness towards them and a display of human solidarity.


The work of Remar México in favor of those most in need

The NGO Remar México has been working for more than 20 years on behalf of the most needy people in the country. Its work focuses on the following areas:


Rehabilitation and reintegration of people with addiction problems

Remar México has rehabilitation centers for people with alcohol, drug and other addiction problems.

In these centers, people receive coverage of all their basic needs, as well as   psychological and spiritual needs to overcome their addictions and reintegrate into society.


Attention to women and children in vulnerable situations

Remar México has shelter homes for women victims of violence, as well as support programs for children at social risk. In these homes, women receive protection and support to overcome violence and move forward, and children receive education, food and medical care.


Help migrants

Remar México provides help to migrants in vulnerable situations, both those who are in Mexico and those transiting through the country. This help includes food, clothing, accommodation, medical care and psychological support.


Help families

REMAR México also works to help families in vulnerable situations. The NGO has support programs for children, adolescents, and women. These programs provide education, training, and opportunities so that families can improve their living conditions.


A comprehensive job

The work of Remar México is essential to help the people most in need in that country. Its work is based on the principles of love for God and neighbor,   solidarity, mutual help and respect for human dignity.


Join the work of Remar México and help those most in need!

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