Christmas Filled with Hope in Remar Shelter Homes in Equatorial Guinea

Christmas is a time of hope and joy, and in the Remar shelter homes in Bata, Equatorial Guinea, it has been no different. The more than 80 children and adolescents living in this home have been able to enjoy a series of activities organized by volunteers and collaborators.

Vitoria Cárdenas, a volunteer with REMAR in Equatorial Guinea, tells us that the excitement among the children was immense when they received the toys and gifts brought to them. They couldn’t stop smiling all day. “The children couldn’t believe it,” says Vitoria. “They were so excited that they couldn’t stop jumping and shouting. It was a very special moment for everyone.”

Get to know a bit about our work in Equatorial Guinea:

We have been operating in the country since 1996, and during these 23 years, we have carried out development projects that cover basic services for rights holders, whether in housing, food, education, health, electricity, or water.

We have established two foster homes for children and adolescents sent by extremely poor relatives who cannot meet the basic needs of their children. In these homes, a school has been set up for these minors, along with a community dining area.

Everything we do is made possible thanks to the immense support of sponsors, companies, institutions, individual donors, and volunteers.

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