El Olivo Christian School, uniting and strengthening families

Colegio Cristiano El Olivo celebrates Family Day with an event full of joy.   Games, contests, food and unforgettable moments to strengthen family ties and foster unity in the educational community

A day full of joy and unity for the entire educational community

El Olivo Christian School, belonging to the NGO REMAR Guatemala, filled its facilities with joy to celebrate Family Day. A day full of activities and surprises that united the entire educational community in an atmosphere of celebration and rejoicing.

Fathers, mothers, students, teachers and school staff gathered to enjoy an unforgettable day. The organizers decorated the facilities with care, creating a festive and welcoming atmosphere with balloons, posters and lots of colors.

A diverse program for all ages

The activities prepared for the occasion were diverse and were designed for the enjoyment of all ages. Traditional games, sports competitions, contests, educational games, a movie theater with movies for the whole family and a delicious meal accompanied by sporting events, tournaments and competitions,   made up the program for this special day.

Laughter, games and shared moments filled every corner of the school with joy. Children, young people and adults alike enjoyed a day full of surprises and unparalleled moments of family unity. The main objective of the event, to strengthen the ties between parents and children and promote unity within the educational community, was more than achieved.

Thanks to the organizers and teachers

REMAR Guatemala deeply appreciates the dedication and effort of the organizers and teachers of Colegio Cristiano El Olivo for the excellent   organization of this event. Their work and hours of preparation allowed Family Day at the school to be a resounding success.

REMAR Guatemala: Working for the love of God and neighbor

This celebration of Family Day at Colegio Cristiano El Olivo is a reflection of REMAR Guatemala’s commitment to education, the well-being of children and young people, and the strengthening of families. The NGO works tirelessly under the motto “For the love of God and neighbor,” promoting values ​​and creating environments where unity, love, joy and enthusiasm are always part of this great family.

An example in the work of education for children without resources

In the context of global educational inequality, REMAR Guatemala is an inspiring example through Colegio Cristiano El Olivo. With a history of more than 30 years dedicated to education, the school offers comprehensive training from initial cycle levels to high school, giving its students the opportunity to achieve a better future.

Since the beginning of its work in Guatemala, the NGO REMAR has had a clear objective: to provide support to hundreds of low-income children. Its action extends not only to those under its direct protection, but also to those who live in the community and surrounding areas, where poverty and lack of opportunities are a palpable reality for children and young people from families without resources.

Comprehensive development for children and young people

In REMAR Guatemala,   education is the key that opens the doors to a better future. For this reason, it works tirelessly in each country where children and young people face a reality full of needs.

The goal is to be part of the solution, providing help and support to thousands of children and young people every day, in order to offer them a hopeful future full of opportunities.

Are you joining the challenge?

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Together, we can change the lives of thousands of children and young people.

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