Stichting Remar Holland reopens its doors to continue transforming lives!

Remar Netherlands continues with the free hairdressing project, provides support and promotes the self-esteem of people in vulnerable situations.

Stichting Remar Netherlands reopens its doors with a renewed project to continue providing support to low-income people or people who live homeless. In this new stage, the organization is pleased to offer a comprehensive free hairdressing service, under the motto “New look, more confidence and a better life!”

This project’s main objective is to serve people who are alone or live without family, without resources, etc., offering them a space where they can receive a haircut, hair care, manicure, hand massage and other aesthetic services, all of free form.

In addition to hairdressing services, attendees will be able to enjoy a hot coffee, a snack, clothing if needed or any other essential items. The most important thing, however, is the love and attention that REMAR Netherlands volunteers will give them, creating a space of warmth and support in the midst of their vulnerable situation.

More than a haircut, an opportunity to transform lives

This project is not limited to offering a simple makeover. The main objective is to foster self-confidence in the beneficiaries, promote their integration into society, increase their chances of getting a job and, ultimately, improve their quality of life, the message is to let them know that they are not alone, but that There are people who are interested in their comprehensive well-being.

“We thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve Him and the grace to continue helping those who need it most,” expressed the REMAR Netherlands volunteers.


The work of REMAR Holland does not stop. For several years, the NGO has been working tirelessly to provide support and assistance to the most needy and vulnerable people in the country.

A complex social context

Despite the image of prosperity that is usually associated with the Netherlands, this country also faces serious social problems, such as poverty, precariousness and social exclusion. According to recent studies, the poverty rate has increased in recent years, meaning that an increasing number of people live in precarious conditions.

Comprehensive care for people in vulnerable situations

Faced with this reality, REMAR Netherlands continues to work committed to the well-being of those who need it most through aid programs including:

Helps people with addiction problems: REMAR Netherlands provides support to people fighting addictions, offering them the necessary tools to overcome them and reintegrate into society.
Assistance to people in vulnerable situations: The NGO offers shelter, food, clothing and care to homeless people, victims of domestic violence, immigrants in an irregular situation and other people who are in a situation of extreme need.
Soup kitchens: REMAR Netherlands runs soup kitchens where low-income people can receive a hot annutritious meal for free.
A call to solidarity

The work of REMAR Holland contributes in solidarity to transform the lives of the people most in need.

You can also be part of this help and your collaboration can be very important to continue helping the most vulnerable in this country.

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