World Hunger Day: No more indifference!

On World Hunger Day, we remember that millions of people around the world still suffer from extreme hunger.

Learn about the work of organizations like REMAR that offer hope and solutions

World Hunger Day – May 28

Today is World Hunger Day, a social and political problem that affects us all. Especially, the Church must act accordingly. Currently, 735 million people suffer from hunger around the world. Ethiopia, Yemen, Nigeria and South Sudan are the countries most affected by this scourge.

We are immersed in a devastating food crisis. Conflicts in different regions, the effects of climate change and the pandemic are contributing to an alarming increase in hunger. As the crisis in Ukraine worsens, food prices and fuel costs continue to rise at a rate unprecedented in decades. This, in turn, worsens the hunger situation in the world. For this reason, it is urgent to take measures to protect children, and especially girls, women and men without resources who live in the areas most affected by food insecurity.

What can we do about it?

Many solutions have been proposed and analyzed to combat world hunger. Many people believe that if the world’s rich pooled their resources, poverty could be eradicated. If governments and institutions invested more in human resources and less in weapons and expensive projects, hunger and poverty could cease. The reality is that each person must be aware of the great need that exists worldwide, especially among the most vulnerable in society: children, women in risk situations, the elderly and people unable to work.

REMAR: Hope in the fight against hunger

At the NGO Remar, we work for love of neighbor, in solidarity and for the benefit of the most disadvantaged. It is our commitment to ensure that every day the people who live in our communities can have three meals a day and a decent roof over their heads, regardless of their ethnicity, religion or social status. We serve anyone with an urgent need, whether housing or emotional.

As an NGO, we provide the basic needs of food, shelter and basic education for school children. We also train the adult population of our communities to learn a trade.

REMAR is a Christian and charitable NGO. We are self-sustaining with our companies and thanks to the help of hundreds of volunteers who dedicate their lives, capacities, gifts and abilities to continue building a more equitable world and a better future for many people.

An example of self-sustainability and community development

In the framework of World Hunger Day, we talk about the REMAR Chicken Coop Project in Niger, an exemplary self-sustainability and community development initiative carried out in the community of Guiellel, in the V District of Niamey. This project, the result of everyone’s joint effort, represents an important step in the fight against hunger and poverty in the region.

The Gallinero Project’s main objective is to improve food security and sustainable development of the Guiellel community. Through the production of eggs, chickens and laying hens, the project seeks:

  • Increase the availability of nutritious foods
  • Generate economic income for the community
  • Strengthen the food needs of families
  • Training and education for a sustainable future

The REMAR Niger Chicken Coop Project includes a training and education program for community members, especially women and girls. This program will teach them bird care techniques, coop management and hygiene practices, allowing them to actively participate in the project and ensure its long-term success.

A positive impact on the community

This project also has a positive impact on the Guiellel community. REMAR Niger households are already benefiting from the production of eggs, chickens and laying hens, and local food availability has increased.

Let’s join the fight against hunger: No more indifference!

Today, on World Hunger Day, we have the opportunity to help combat this problem that affects millions of people around the world. We cannot remain indifferent, we can act and do our part to build a world where everyone has access to the food necessary to live a dignified and healthy life.

You can also be part of the change. Every small gesture counts, every contribution, no matter how small it may seem, can make a big difference in someone’s life.

Donate now and help REMAR continue to be a beacon of hope in the fight against hunger!

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