Hundreds attend our soup kitchens

Hundreds of people go to the soup kitchens, in these days in which the city of Madrid has been affected by the storm Filomena and the subsequent cold snap, hundreds of people find a plate of hot food in the soup kitchens of the NGO Remar.

During the past weekend, Spain has experienced a historic snowstorm that, as we have seen, has blocked the city of Madrid and other provincial capitals and has left an icy blanket covering half of the peninsula. This unusual snowfall has been followed by a cold wave that has marked minimum temperatures of -10° in Madrid, something that has not happened for decades.

Moreover, as always, those who have fewer economic resources are the ones who suffer the most from the consequences, as they have fewer possibilities to heat their homes or to acquire the necessary to protect themselves from the cold. In the midst of this cold snap, there are many people in need.

However, despite the difficulties in mobility, and despite the cold and snow, the volunteers of the NGO Remar have worked hard to open the soup kitchens in Madrid, and thus be able to serve and offer a hot meal to the hundreds of people who come to them, people on the street and / or in vulnerable situations.

There are many families who can eat every day thanks to these soup kitchens, and for this reason, because we know the need, the volunteers of Remar have set to work as soon as possible, always with generous and supportive hearts.

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