More than 250 meals to the homeless

Every day volunteers from the ONG REMAR in Milan, Italy provide food to homeless people, who come to Remar’s shelters in this locality to receive food, making a total of 220 breakfasts served in the morning and 220 meals served at noon.


Every day breakfast and lunch services are prepared in 5 houses of the ONG REMAR in Milan, where volunteers carry out a continuous work in the preparation, processing and distribution of food, for so many needy people who come to their doors in search of help. “We offer healthy and complete meals, every day we offer a first, a second with a side dish, plus fruit, bread and a drink at each meal,” Andrés Jiménez, Pastor and Director of Remar Italy, informs us.


In February was inaugurated the new Center for homeless people in Via Rapamonti, in the city of Milan, where the NGO REMAR won the public planning notice and was awarded the structure located in the southern suburbs of the city, where a shelter for homeless people has been set up.


This structure is located inside a property confiscated from organised crime, but which has now been converted into a Home that will house many homeless people, who live in precarious conditions and due to the cold conditions need a place to shelter and receive food. In this shelter, 50 breakfasts and meals are prepared daily for homeless, indigent and extremely poor people.


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