Spreading Love, Compassion and Hope.

More than two thousand people in the prisons of Paraguay have received a Heartfelt Dinner, prepared and organised by the volunteers of the NGO REMAR in this country.

On December 24 at the Tacumbu Prison, dinners were distributed to 1,600 people, including inmates and officials; from 6:00 pm the volunteers of the NGO REMAR went to the prison facilities to bring a special dinner and above all a word of hope during this festive season.

On December 31, the volunteers of Remar also traveled to the Emboscada Prison, 50 kilometers from Asunción, the capital of Paraguay, where they distributed 600 dinners, bringing a hot meal and a drink on New Year’s Eve to each of the inmates and prison officials.

In order to carry out these solidarity dinners, a long preparation has been carried out by the volunteers of the NGO in Paraguay who do public relations, looking for companies to collaborate, as well as churches and friends who have joined forces to get the food, drinks and everything necessary to provide a special dinner for the inmates during this festive season.

Remar has been working in the prisons of Paraguay for several years, during this time we have seen a transformation in the behaviour of the inmates, violence has been reduced considerably from 100 prisoners being killed per year, to 2 or 3 per year or without any deaths some years. The volunteers of the NGO REMAR have seen the support of God among inmates, officials and authorities that have witnessed the changes shown daily by the people held in these prisons.

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