Promotion and graduation of El Olivo School, Remar Nicaragua

El Olivo School of the NGO REMAR in Nicaragua, has ended the school year 2022, reaching the goal with the XIV PROMOTION of the Primary Level and X GRADUATION of High School students, who have received quality education and training at all educational levels.

The entire school team works as a big family in favor of the education of children and young people.

In a very special ceremony at the school’s facilities, medals and high school diplomas were awarded to the graduating students, who were accompanied by their parents and teachers. Juan Carlos Asiaín, Director of Remar Nicaragua, addressed a few words of thanks to the entire team, who as a big family work in favor of the education of children and youth, ensuring to put in them the foundation of faith and live with biblical principles, which will make them men and women of good, to face the difficult times that we are living in the world.

A special congratulations from the Director of REMAR Nicaragua.

“Finally after many struggles, difficulties and of course, very good and rewarding moments, we have finally reached the goal in our XIV Promotion and X High School Graduation, with total success, we thank God for his grace and favor towards us, parents, each teacher, the school management and administration and the entire team. Congratulations dear students, our best wishes for your next goals, God continue to keep you!

REMAR Nicaragua has been doing a work of love and compassion for more than 30 years.

The NGO REMAR in Nicaragua has been working since 1992 in favor of children and infants, welcoming the most disadvantaged and at risk people of the Nicaraguan society, fighting against hunger, poverty, lack of resources and education, a work of more than 30 years made with love and compassion.

The fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom; all who obey His commandments will grow in wisdom. Praise Him forever!” Psalm 111:10

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