Queen Sofia meets with representatives of the REMAR NGO to learn about their work

The emeritus queen firsthand learns about REMAR’s work in the fight against social exclusion

Queen Sofia’s Visit to the Food Bank of Álava

Queen Sofia, honorary president of the food banks, visited the facilities of the Food Bank of lava in the Jundiz Industrial Estate. She showed her support for the work carried out by this institution, which helps thousands of people in vulnerable situations every year.

Meeting with Representatives of REMAR

This important meeting was attended by the presidents of the food banks of the Basque Country and Logroño, local authorities, and various NGOs. Representing the REMAR NGO were the pastor and director of REMAR in Vizcaya, Francisco Rodríguez, and the pastor and director of REMAR Vitoria, Claudio Zigler.

During the meeting, the representatives of the NGO had the opportunity to speak and share with the queen the work that REMAR carries out in Spain, helping people in situations of social exclusion. In particular, emphasis was placed on REMAR’s work in welcoming individuals with various issues, as well as the weekly distribution of food to people outside the institution who also need assistance due to their vulnerable situations.

Queen Sofia received memoranda from the representatives of the REMAR NGO, including information about the Children Sponsorship Program PAN, the work being done in Ukraine, and the activities that REMAR carries out in the 70 countries where it is present.

Working Together to Help the Most Vulnerable

The REMAR NGO continues to work in collaboration with the Food Bank, with the same goal of providing assistance to those in need and ensuring that the most vulnerable people have access to dignified food and basic resources.

REMAR: Over 40 years working for the love of God and neighbor

“He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done.” Proverbs 19:17

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