REMAR Brazil: a light in the Niterói landfill

Volunteers from the REMAR ONG in Brazil bring compassion and solidarity to the landfill families

On Morro do Céu, a region in the city of Niterói, Brazil, known for its sanitary landfill, hundreds of families survive by sorting the city’s garbage. It is a dangerous and exhausting job that poses serious health risks. Without protection, residents are exposed to infectious diseases, injuries, and unsanitary conditions. Children, in particular, are especially vulnerable to the effects of pollution.

In this context, the ONG REMAR in Rio de Janeiro has been providing assistance to Morro do Céu families for over four years. Their work is an example of how solidarity and compassion can help improve the living conditions of many people.

Friendly hands that bless lives

Every week, Remar volunteers bring food, clothing, footwear, and toys to Morro do Céu families, reaching more than 250 families in extreme poverty. They also provide social care to the population, especially children.

REMAR is an organization committed to the well-being of families in vulnerable situations. The volunteers’ desire is to provide hope, aid, and make their lives less difficult in the environment they live in.

A network of community support REMAR’s

assistance has been a ray of light for many Morro do Céu families. For 4 years, they have formed a network of support for this community, where unfortunately, every day more people live in vulnerable situations and in unsanitary human conditions.

A work of love and compassion

REMAR Brazil has been providing assistance to the country’s most vulnerable people for over 30 years. Their work extends to various areas and provinces of the country, with open doors to anyone in need.

Comprehensive work

Remar Brazil’s work is comprehensive. The organization provides food assistance, social care, and aid in the most vulnerable areas of the country. In the food area, Remar distributes food kits to families in vulnerable situations. They also offer community dining and popular kitchens.

In the social care area, REMAR provides support to those in need through shelters, social dining, food distribution, solidarity snacks, and visits to children’s hospitals, etc.

Prevention and addiction rehabilitation programs

REMAR BRASIL’s rehabilitation program is based on a comprehensive approach that addresses the physical, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of addiction. Residents of REMAR BRASIL homes receive spiritual and social care. They also participate in special activities to help them develop the necessary skills to reintegrate into society.

Working for the love of God and neighbor

Remar Brazil is an organization that works with love for God and neighbor, committed to helping those who need it most. A daily effort that seeks new ways to open paths in favor of hundreds of people in poverty and social exclusion.

Join the light of hope for landfill families!

REMAR Brazil is a beacon of hope for families living in the landfill. With your help, we can build a better future for them.

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