REMAR ONG President Visits Colombia

Two days of unity, prayer, and commitment to the work REMAR is doing in the country

REMAR Colombia joyfully welcomed the visit of Miguel Diez, Pastor, and President of REMAR NGO, and his wife Maricarmen Jimenez. For two days, they shared special moments with brothers from the Body of Christ Church, friends, and collaborators of the organization in Colombia, in an atmosphere of communion and unity, while also strengthening the commitment to REMAR’s social work.

An Inspirational Encounter with the Bogotá Council

One of the highlights of this visit was being present at the prayer meeting for Colombia’s institutions, with the Bogotá Council. Councilors, leaders, and representatives of REMAR Colombia joined in an act of faith and hope, praying to God in unity for the country’s well-being, a prayer chain that takes place within official bodies.

Brushes and Mops Factory: A Model of Sustainability and Circular Economy

Miguel Diez and Maricarmen Jimenez also had the opportunity to visit REMAR’s Brushes and Mops Factory in Bogotá. This REMAR NGO project stands out for its focus on sustainability and the circular economy, using recycled plastic for the production of its products. The circular economy is a model of production and consumption that seeks to reduce resource consumption and waste generation, extending the life cycle of products and materials.

They both got to see up close the production process and the work of the people who make this project possible, which creates employment and opportunities for the most vulnerable population.

A Message of Hope and Transformation

Miguel Diez and Maricarmen Jimenez’s visit to Colombia concluded with a two-day Congress, under the theme Wise Virgins, a special gathering with REMAR brothers and friends in the country. In an atmosphere of joy and unity, with praise, worship, the word of God, and other activities prepared for this event.

REMAR Colombia: 28 Years Helping the Needy

Thanks to God, REMAR NGO, since its arrival in Colombia in 1996, has extended its helping hand to the most needy, providing them with support and accompaniment on their path to a dignified life.

Currently, it works in various areas to help the most disadvantaged:

  • Street People Assistance: REMAR offers shelter, food, medical assistance, and emotional support to people living on the streets, allowing them to regain their dignity and build a new future.
  • Child Protection: The organization welcomes children at risk or in abandonment, providing them with a safe home, education, and affection, so they can grow in a healthy environment full of opportunities.
  • Support for Vulnerable Families: REMAR provides social assistance and support to families living in precarious conditions, assisting them with food and helping them meet their basic needs.
  • Addiction Prevention and Treatment: The organization has specialized programs for addiction prevention and treatment, helping people overcome this problem and reintegrate into society.

Are you inspired by REMAR Colombia’s work? Join us!

REMAR in Colombia is a big family. A team of committed individuals working for the love of God and neighbor, with the firm commitment to help hundreds of people and support them in improving their living conditions.

Together we can make a difference in the lives of the most needy.

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