REMAR SOS: A Solidarity Hug in the Viña del Mar Tragedy

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18

REMAR NGO mobilizes to provide assistance to victims of the fire

The smoke still hasn’t cleared, and the ashes weigh heavy on the heart of Viña del Mar and its surroundings, a city northeast of Santiago, Chile, in the province and region of Valparaiso. The tragedy has struck with fury, leaving a toll of over 130 people who have lost their lives. More than 3,000 homes have been reduced to ashes, and the outlook is bleak.

“The entire Chile mourns for Valparaíso,” said President Gabriel Boric, who has declared two days of national mourning and has labeled the tragedy as one of the greatest the country has suffered since the earthquake of 2010.

REMAR SOS Responds: A Solidarity Hug Amidst the Pain

The NGO REMAR has activated the REMAR SOS emergency protocol, mobilizing its team of volunteers to provide immediate assistance to the victims of this catastrophe.

“On Friday, February 2nd, several fire outbreaks were detected in various simultaneous locations and spread rapidly across the hills where populations are settled in several sectors. The strong wind, the darkness of the night, the steep and narrow streets make it impossible to move anywhere. As the fire progresses and the magnitude of the event is understood, firefighters, forestry personnel, police, and even military personnel begin to arrive,” reports Juan Carlos Arija, director of REMAR Chile.

Solid Response to the Tragedy

“We wanted to arrive as soon as possible, but there was a curfew in place, and nobody could go up or down, except for the forces mentioned earlier. The volunteer team activated the REMAR SOS emergency protocol, and after filling several trucks with human resources, financial aid, and provisions, we arrived and began to set up our work base in the assigned area. The nearest neighbors quickly started to arrive. We’re talking about 8,500 to 10,000 hectares burned, which are distances separated by the hills,” Arija stated.

With compassionate hands and caring hearts, REMAR SOS has begun working in the disaster area, providing support not only in material form but also spiritual encouragement and words of faith to hundreds of people who need all the help they can get.

Solidarity Unites to Rebuild Hope

We deeply appreciate the invaluable support from compassionate companies, entrepreneurs, and contributors who have made it possible for REMAR SOS to reach the disaster area in Viña del Mar and its surroundings. Their generosity has enabled us to provide assistance to the fire victims and alleviate their pain during this challenging time.

However, the magnitude of the tragedy demands sustained effort. To continue providing material, emotional, and spiritual support to the affected families, we need to keep relying on your help.

Any form of collaboration, no matter how small, can make a difference in the lives of those who have lost everything.

We invite everyone to join this solidarity cause. Together, we can rebuild Valparaíso and bring hope to its inhabitants.

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