REMAR Poland: Hope and help in difficult times

REMAR Poland volunteers, in collaboration with the Prawdziwe Zwycięstwo (True Victory) ministry, share evangelistic activities in streets and squares bringing hope

Missionaries and volunteers of the NGO REMAR in Poland, in collaboration with the Prawdziwe Zwycięstwo (True Victory) ministry in Amsterdam, have carried out evangelistic initiatives on the streets of Warsaw. Their goal: to share a message of hope and faith with people at risk, including those who live on the streets, struggle with addictions and are affected by poverty.

The REMAR volunteers, with a heart full of compassion, have prepared food and snacks to distribute among the people who are on the streets. They not only offer material food, but also words of encouragement, encouragement, and strength.

Beyond sharing food, REMAR Poland also provides a life-changing opportunity for these people living on the streets, offering them the chance to leave their life on the streets behind and begin a new path to recovery and hope.

Evangelism: A fundamental pillar in times of crisis

In the midst of war and crisis, evangelism plays a crucial role in providing hope and comfort to people who need it most. The message of God’s word, full of love, compassion and hope,   offers strength to move forward, it is a balm for the souls of those who have lost everything and are looking for a new beginning.

For this reason REMAR Poland integrates evangelism into its activities, sharing the word of God with the people they meet on the streets, in shelters and in foster homes.

A beacon of light in the midst of the crisis

REMAR’s work takes on special importance in the current context, marked by the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. Since the start of the conflict, millions of refugees have crossed the border into Poland, seeking refuge and safety. REMAR has been present from the first moment, offering material and emotional support to these displaced families.

Fighting malnutrition and poverty

Beyond the Ukrainian crisis, Poland faces challenges such as malnutrition, which affects thousands of people, especially children, the elderly and the homeless. REMAR Poland works tirelessly to combat this problem by providing food assistance and offering hundreds of people in need   other essential services.

A call to solidarity

In the midst of the war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis plaguing Poland, the work of the NGO REMAR is of vital importance. We invite you to join REMAR Poland in its mission to provide help and hope to the most vulnerable people at this crucial time.

How can you help?

Become a Volunteer: Dedicate your time and effort to helping others. Join the REMAR Poland volunteer team and contribute to its different programs.

Make a donation: Your financial contribution, regardless of the amount, can make a big difference in the lives of the people REMAR helps.

Together we can build a better future for the most needy people in Poland.

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To always give with love

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