REMAR: Sowing smiles in the most vulnerable in Venezuela

REMAR brings joy and hope to children and adults in Venezuela’s hospitals.

In the midst of the complex situation that Venezuela is going through, the NGO REMAR continues its tireless work for hundreds of people who live in vulnerable situations.

Its work is not limited to providing food assistance through the Soup Kitchen, people in rehabilitation and foster homes, but it also extends its helping hand to those who are in the most difficult moments of their lives: patients and family members who are going through long hours of anguish in hospitals.

Sowing joy at the Elías Toro Pediatric Hospital

A group of volunteers from the NGO REMAR plant smiles on the faces of children, dressed as characters from children’s stories and full of joy, they walk the corridors of the Elías Toro Pediatric Hospital, carrying a message of hope and optimism.

Behind every costume there is a brave heart, a REMAR volunteer who dedicates part of his time to giving smiles to those who need it most, they know that a smile can be the best medicine, a balm that relieves pain and uncertainty.

Hope and dreams for the little warriors of the Hospital

The goal is to interrupt the monotony of the hospital with games, songs and contagious laughter. For a moment, the illness is forgotten, worries fade and imagination takes flight.

REMAR Venezuela volunteers prepare a snack, surprises and other activities where they encourage them to be brave, not to lose hope and to continue fighting. The children of the Elías Toro Pediatric Hospital in Caracas periodically receive visits from REMAR volunteers who always wait with great joy and enthusiasm.

An oasis of hope at Vargas Hospital

The Vargas Hospital in Caracas has also been the scene of REMAR’s work. The organization’s volunteers share a time of evangelism with family members and patients, giving them words of faith. In addition, they offer them a snack and share some time to accompany them, which reminds them that they are not alone.

The critical economic situation experienced by many patients and families in hospitals makes REMAR’s work even more vital. Their visits not only bring words of hope and encouragement to those going through difficult times, but also tangible support in the form of food. Many of these patients and family members do not have access to adequate food, so REMAR’s help is crucial to cover this basic need.

REMAR: A beacon of hope in today’s Venezuela

Since 1999, the NGO REMAR has been a beacon of hope for those most in need in Venezuela. His tireless work for the most vulnerable has intensified in recent years, in an increasingly critical national context.

In the heart of Caracas, in the La Pastora Sector, the REMAR Soup Kitchen opens its doors every day. Despite the difficulties, this project is maintained and feeds many people in need. The REMAR Venezuela soup kitchen was born in response to the hunger and malnutrition that plague women, children and the elderly at an alarming rate.

REMAR’s work in Venezuela is titanic. Hundreds of plates of food are distributed every week, providing vital support in a context of deep crisis. The Soup Kitchen also offers spiritual and emotional assistance to those who need it most, a balm of hope in the midst of uncertainty.

A commitment to the community

REMAR is an example of commitment and solidarity. Their daily work transforms the lives of hundreds of people, reminding us that hope and kindness can flourish even in the most difficult circumstances.

Do you want to join the commitment? Collaborate with REMAR Venezuela and help us continue providing food through the Soup Kitchen and bringing smiles to children and adults in the city’s hospitals.

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