Educational adventure: Children from REMAR Guatemala explore the Zoo

REMAR Guatemala transforms lives through comprehensive education

The children of the El Olivo Christian School of the NGO REMAR Guatemala enjoyed an exciting and instructive visit to the La Aurora Zoo in the capital city. Over the course of a full day, little explorers had the opportunity to get up close and personal with a wide variety of animals, learn about their natural habitats, and understand the importance of biodiversity conservation.

A journey full of learning and joy

The day began with an exciting welcome from the zoo team, who guided the children on a tour full of surprises and discoveries. The little ones were excited and surprised to see so many animals and species up close.

More than a walk, a comprehensive experience

During the visit, the children participated in different educational activities, such as interactive games, informative talks and practical workshops. In this way, they not only enjoyed a fun-filled day, but also learned valuable lessons about nature and the importance of protecting the environment.

A commitment to comprehensive education

This initiative is part of the comprehensive educational program offered by REMAR Guatemala to the children of Colegio Cristiano El Olivo. The organization’s team of teachers and volunteers is responsible for planning and executing these types of activities periodically, with the aim of providing children with complete training, which is not only limited to the academic field, but also encourages their development. personal, social and emotional.

An unforgettable day for everyone

Without a doubt, the visit to the La Aurora Zoo was an unforgettable experience for the children of Colegio Cristiano El Olivo. Through interaction with the local flora and fauna and   participation in educational activities, the children not only expanded their knowledge, but also strengthened their bond with nature and created memories that they will always have.

REMAR Guatemala: Transforming lives through education

REMAR Guatemala’s commitment to the comprehensive education of children is reflected in the organization of this type of activities that go beyond the classroom. REMAR works tirelessly to provide low-income children with the opportunity to receive a quality education, full of Christian values ​​and experiences that allow them to reach their full potential.

More than a school, a home for comprehensive education

For 32 years, REMAR Guatemala has worked tirelessly to provide low-income children with the opportunity to receive a complete education, which is not only limited to the academic field, but also promotes their personal, social and emotional development.

Two educational centers that transform the future

Currently, REMAR Guatemala has two Educational Centers: Colegio Cristiano El Olivo 1 and Olivo 2. In them, more than 600 children and young people receive quality education at the levels of Pre-Primary, Primary, Basic, Baccalaureate in Computer Science, Accounting Expert and Bilingual Secretariat. All educational programs are endorsed by the Guatemalan Ministry of Education and have legal permits to operate.

More than a thousand new professionals for society

Throughout its history, Colegio Cristiano El Olivo has graduated 22 classes of students, which means that more than a thousand young people have received comprehensive training that has allowed them to become well-rounded professionals, prepared to practice their profession with quality and excellence. These young people not only have the necessary technical knowledge to function in the labor market, but they are also guided by Christian, professional and moral values ​​that make them agents of positive change in society.

A commitment to Guatemalan children and youth

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