A solidarity container arrives in the Dominican Republic from REMAR USA

The non-profit organization sends humanitarian aid to children and youth at risk

A container loaded with humanitarian aid was sent from REMAR USA in the city of Miami, Florida,   bound for Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.   REMAR USA works tirelessly to provide support to children and youth at risk through the shipment of these containers.

Each container is received with joy and gratitude

Each container is prepared with a variety of items, including furniture, clothing, footwear, essential items, household goods, appliances and much more. These donations will be used to strengthen the work that REMAR carries out in the city of Santo Domingo   in foster homes, where a safe and loving space is provided to dozens of children who, for various reasons, have arrived for protection.

The children, young people and REMAR volunteers in the Dominican Republic joyfully celebrate the arrival of each container. Each of them understands the value of the aid that comes from the United States, and they know that it implies an improvement in the furniture of homes and their living conditions to reach more children and young people in need in that country.

Teamwork that transforms lives: The effort behind each container

Behind each container there is teamwork, REMAR USA missionaries and volunteers dedicate several days to collecting donations, working with effort and dedication to achieve their goal. Their love for God and their commitment to Dominican children and youth drives them to carry out work full of solidarity and compassion.

REMAR USA and REMAR Dominican Republic are an example of unity and love for those most in need. Through their work together, these organizations positively impact the lives of many people in Santo Domingo. Gestures of love, which show that, by working together, we can reach more vulnerable people.

A beacon of love and solidarity in the city

In addition to its humanitarian work internationally, REMAR USA also stands out for its work in the city of Fort Lauderdale in the state of Florida, where every week it opens its doors to provide support to homeless people.

Every week the volunteers of the organization, together with friends and collaborators from Christian churches, come together to offer a delicious dinner prepared with love, care, and dedication for dozens of people who live on the streets and who attend to share family time with people who serve them with love and attention.

More than a plate of food

Beyond providing physical nourishment, REMAR USA also offers spiritual nourishment. A church meeting is held where the word of God is shared, offering a message of hope and transformation. In addition, these people are offered the opportunity to start a new path in the First Phase shelter home for men that REMAR USA has on the Montura Ranch farm.

Teamwork that transforms lives

This work of love and solidarity is possible thanks to God and   the joint efforts of the volunteers, collaborators, and friends of REMAR. Their commitment, dedication, and support continue to help transform lives and offer a second chance to those who need it most.

A call to action

If you want to be part of this work of transformation and join the work of REMAR USA, your help can make a difference in the lives of many needy and homeless people.

Together we can build a more just and supportive community

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To always give with love

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