Angels of the Night REMAR Guatemala

Young people to the rescue of poverty in the streets of Guatemala

In the streets of Guatemala, the Youth to the Rescue of the NGO REMAR in that country, carry out the program “Angels of the Night” and face the harsh reality of homelessness every week. In the darkness and cold, they find homeless people, many of them struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. In the midst of desolation, these young people become beacons of light and hope, offering an oasis of compassion and an opportunity for change.

On the streets of Guatemala: An encounter with the harsh reality of destitution

The Angels of the Night bring food and help to people who live trapped in a cycle of addiction and hopelessness. They are people whose lives have been devastated by a variety of problems, and who are forced to survive in extremely precarious conditions, sleeping on the cold streets under simple cardboard.

REMAR Guatemala’s Youth to the Rescue program focuses especially on the Zone 1 area of ​​the capital city, Parque Central and its surroundings. There, they offer not only hot food and drinks, but also invaluable spiritual nourishment. In addition to nourishing their bodies, volunteers share words of life and hope, providing the opportunity to leave the streets and enter the foster homes that REMAR offers.

Love, compassion and faith: The pillars of the work of the Angels of the Night

The Angels of the Night are dedicated people, full of love and mercy, who faithfully show up every week to offer a helping hand to those who need it most. The objective is to convey the message that there is another possible life, a dignified life far from the desolation of the streets. Some choose to take the step and accept the help offered to them, entering REMAR rehabilitation centers, where they receive free support to overcome their addictions. However, many of them, unfortunately, continue to be trapped in the cycle of homelessness.

The Angels of the Night carry out their work with love, compassion, faith, mercy and patience, fulfilling the call that Jesus made to us all: “Give good news to the poor, heal the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom to the captives.” , seeing the blind, setting the oppressed free.” (Luke 4:18).

In a world where homelessness is often ignored or overlooked, REMAR Guatemala’s Night Angels are an inspiring reminder that there is always hope and that love and compassion can make a difference even in the most difficult circumstances.

REMAR Guatemala: 30 Years of Commitment and Transformation

In 1992, the REMAR Foundation was born in Guatemala, a non-governmental organization tirelessly dedicated to the help, promotion and development of marginalized people in society. For more than three decades, REMAR has been a point of help for those who need it most, covering a wide range of areas in its humanitarian work.

Since its establishment, REMAR has tirelessly fought against injustice, drug addiction, hunger, poor nutrition, misery and disease. Its commitment extends to all segments of society, from the most vulnerable, such as children and the elderly, to young people and entire families facing various difficulties.

Rehabilitation and social reintegration: REMAR Guatemala’s comprehensive program

First phase: Detox and change

The REMAR Guatemala program begins with the detoxification of people with drug and alcohol problems, as well as those who are homeless and marginalized by society. This process takes place in a center located on the outskirts of the city, where participants receive care for all their basic needs and begin the recovery process.

Second phase: Social reintegration

After passing detox, people who have gone through the rehabilitation process have the opportunity to gradually reintegrate into society. The second phase of the REMAR Guatemala program focuses on the development of skills and abilities that allow them to integrate little by little through self-sustainability projects.

Recovery of self-esteem

The work in REMAR Guatemala’s self-sustainability projects is essential for the recovery of the participants’ self-esteem. By learning a new trade and contributing to the community, people feel useful and valued, which helps them overcome marginalization.

A path to a new life

REMAR Guatemala’s comprehensive program offers a real opportunity for change to people who find themselves in difficult situations. Through detoxification, rehabilitation and social reintegration, REMAR helps them regain their dignity and build a new life.

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