United by hope, a meeting for the most vulnerable

Inspiring messages, words and testimonies, ministries share experiences and strengthen their commitment to those most in need

Pastor Ángel Jiménez, Executive Director, his wife Elena Castro   and representatives of REMAR USA in the city of Miami, Florida, have participated in an emotional meeting with ministries that share the mission of providing support to people living on the streets and deprived of liberty. through the chaplaincies. The meeting brought together representatives of the following ministries:

  • International Ministry I Was in Prison and You Came to Me
  • Good News Church
  • Rivers of Living Water Church
  • Ministry The King sent for you
  • My Redeemer Lives Ministry

A space of unity and inspiration

The meeting was marked by messages, words and testimonies inspired by the Holy Spirit, reflecting a deep love for people and the work done in favor of the most vulnerable. God’s work in the lives of those who have experienced pain and suffering touched everyone who attended the event.

Testimonials that impact

Shocking testimonies were heard from people who have spent more than 30 years in prisons, as well as people facing illnesses and difficult situations. In the midst of pain, the words of faith, hope, encouragement and encouragement shared by the chaplains were a beacon of light and a balm for the soul.

United by hope:

  We thank Mrs. Alicia Salinas for the invitation to this event , who together with her team have been collaborators   of REMAR USA in that city for several years. This meeting strengthened unity among the participating organizations and showed the importance of working together to bring God’s light to the darkest places.

REMAR USA   reaffirms its commitment to continue working tirelessly to bring hope and transformation to people who are on the streets   and who are victims of addictions, through the programs it develops in that city.

An oasis of hope in Montura, Florida

In the town of Montura, in Clewiston, Florida, is REMAR USA’s First Phase of Rehabilitation, a refuge of love and compassion for people struggling with addiction, poverty and homelessness.

The Montura Ranch estate offers a safe and welcoming space for those seeking to rehabilitate and rebuild their lives. Surrounded by nature, residents have the opportunity to participate in various activities and self-sustainability projects with a garden and farm animals.

More than a shelter, a family

At REMAR USA, people in vulnerable situations not only find a roof over their heads, but also a family that supports them and gives them the necessary tools to reintegrate into society. They learn new jobs and skills in the field, adopt healthy habits, and work on their personal and spiritual development.

30 years of love and compassion in action

REMAR USA has been working for 30 years for the love of God and neighbor, offering helping hands to hundreds of people in need, with addiction problems and the homeless.

If you want to join this labor of love and contribute to the transformation of lives, you can do so in several ways:

  • Make a financial donation
  • Volunteer your time
  • Pray for the work of REMAR USA

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To always give with love

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