REMAR Uruguay: Transforming lives in communities in the country

Report highlights uninterrupted work in areas such as social assistance, education, spiritual formation and promotion of values

Let us not get tired of doing good; for in due time we will reap, if we do not faint.” Galatians 6:9

REMAR Uruguay:   Uninterrupted work in favor of the community

The NGO REMAR in Uruguay, dedicated to uninterrupted work for   social and spiritual help, has presented a summary of its activities in different communities in the country. The report highlights the commitment REMAR Uruguay has to social transformation and improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable people.

PADDLE in Rivera:

  • Dissemination campaigns and marriages were carried out.
  • Inauguration of   the live broadcast of Radio Columbia.
  • Delivery   of the premises located at Av. Brasil 1088 (former graphic workshop).
  • Rental of   premises at Av. Brasil 1082 (new graphic workshop and printing press) and Paul Harris 1500 (artisanal laundry).
  • Change of the Solidariatv studio to   a new address.
  • Purchase of aluminum openings and sheet metal roof for the construction of the Betesda complex.
  • Acquisition of an industrial oven for the bakery.
  • Maintenance begins   in the homes of couples, women and children, and in the Betesda complex.

Pando Community:

  • Sale of a 2013 H1 truck.
  • Acquisition of new machinery for the farm’s carpentry and bakery.
  • Carrying out pastoral network campaigns.
  • Maintenance and repairs on the farm.
  • Purchase of a 2015 H1 truck.
  • Celebration of Children’s Day with children from vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • Repairs and painting in the marriage house.
  • Opening of a new artisanal car wash.
  • Projection of the expansion of the pig farm and the opening of a new women’s house.

Paysandú Community

  • Beginning of evangelistic work in prison in conjunction with the Ministry of Prison Fraternity.
  • Holding binational meetings with churches from Paysandú, Colón and Argentina.
  • Celebration of Children’s Day with other churches in the city.
  • Activation of REMAR SOS to help those displaced by floods.
  • Carrying out a march for Jesus next to churches in the city, culminating with an evangelistic campaign in a public square.

Maldonado Community

  • Start of internet transmission 24 hours a day with the Radio Solidaria studio, available on iOS and Android.
  • Celebration of the first anniversary of work in the Campanero Prison in Minas.
  • Organization of an event about the Bible and its arrival in Uruguay together with the Rabbi of Punta del Este and local authorities.
  • Renovation of the Maldonado laundry room with 10 covered garages, new lighting and signage.
  • Participation in the 1st seminar “21st century drugs” in the Municipality of Maldonado.
  • Organization of a meeting for women with the evangelistic message of Wendy Palau, with 400 attendees at the Cantegril cinema theater in Punta del Este.
  • Renovation and expansion of the carpentry workshop.

Montevideo Community:

  • Harvest of 130 bales of alfalfa and planting of 50,000 kilos of corn.
  • Construction of 3 buildings for double-breasted chickens.
  • Purchase of a Citroën Berlingo van.
  • Rental of a premises for a slaughterhouse and a second phase of men.
  • Opening of a furniture restoration workshop.
  • Acquisition of a JMC zero kilometer truck.

Jump Community:

  • Purchase of a 2013 H1 truck.
  • Rental of a first phase farm.

Transforming lives: The social impact of REMAR Uruguay

We thank God for the work that is evident through the REMAR Uruguay report, an intense and fruitful work in the different communities where the organization has a presence. The projects cover areas such as social assistance, education, spiritual formation, work with youth and families, and the promotion of values.

A commitment to the community

The work of REMAR Uruguay is based on a deep commitment to the community and the search for solutions to the most urgent social problems. REMAR   works tirelessly to provide support to the most vulnerable people and build a more just and supportive society.

Support the uninterrupted work of REMAR Uruguay and transform lives!

REMAR Uruguay works tirelessly in the most vulnerable communities throughout the country.

From Rivera to Montevideo, his tireless work covers:

  • Social assistance: Providing support to families, children, the elderly and people experiencing homelessness.
  • Education: Promoting the comprehensive training of children and young people.
  • Spiritual formation: Offering values ​​and principles that strengthen the social fabric.
  • Work with young people and families: Creating spaces for development and prevention.
  • Promotion of values: Strengthening coexistence and mutual respect.

To continue with this uninterrupted work, REMAR Uruguay needs all our support. How can you help?

Any kind of support, no matter how small, can make a big difference in the lives of the people who need it most.

Join REMAR Uruguay and together we will build a better future for everyone!

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