Remar USA sends containers of humanitarian aid.

The year 2019 is off to a good start with the shipment of containers of humanitarian aid from the city of Miami to the Dominican Republic and Haiti, the first container has already been sent to REMAR in Santo Domingo and has been received with great joy by the children, youth and volunteer missionaries of the NGO REMAR in this country.

During 2018 REMAR USA has shipped 12 containers of humanitarian aid: Two containers to REMAR Belize, two containers to REMAR Nicaragua and eight containers to REMAR Dominican Republic and Haiti, countries with a high rate of people living on the line of poverty, especially where REMAR has several homes for children and young people at high risk, schools, homes for children with HIV (HOGARES SANISI), people with addiction problems and people in need.

Each container is prepared with a lot of work and effort by the volunteers of the NGO REMAR in the city of Miami, with basic necessities sent such as, clothes, shoes, furniture to equip the homes and schools, refrigerators, washing machines, etc. Some things are also sent to second hand stores (solidarity stores) in that country with the goal that they can cover expenses, rent and other needs, since these countries have no aid or subsidies.

“We give thanks to those who give us their time and they give what they have to help others, may we continue to be a channel to bless many, we make a calling so that people can carry on donating and so that they can carry on helping, receive from grace to give from grace”, words of Angel Jimenez, Pastor and Director of Remar USA.

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