Remar USA sends container of humanitarian aid to the Dominican Republic.

The ONG Remar in the USA sent twelve containers of aid during 2018 to countries in need such as Nicaragua, Belize, Haiti and Dominican Republic; during 2019 we will continue working to send containers of aid, provision, to bless so many people in need who are part of the ONG REMAR in those countries.


The volunteers of the ONG REMAR in the city of Miami, USA dedicate several weeks of work to collect everything to send in the container, looking for donations and all kinds of aids, until its filled, loaded and shipped to Santo Domingo, where they wait for it with great joy, considering this country has a great need, the people in the Remar homes mostly children and teenagers also depend on this aid to continue having a decent life, education and everything necessary for their development.


Remar in Dominican Republic has several homes for children and teenagers, SANISI Homes (Saving Children with AIDS), El Olivo (Christian School) that provides an education to children living in the REMAR homes and to low-income children living in neighboring neighborhoods.


All the work done is worth it! Remar USA committed, working with hearts full of God’s love for the most needy, thank you for your work and effort!


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