The Viña del Mar Tragedy: Solidarity and Reconstruction

The REMAR SOS volunteers work tirelessly to provide assistance to those affected

The city of Viña del Mar was engulfed in early February by a series of unprecedented wildfires that ravaged the area, leaving behind a trail of destruction and sorrow.

The flames, fueled by strong gusts of wind, spread rapidly and uncontrollably, consuming thousands of hectares of forest and vegetation. Over 132 people lost their lives, trapped by the fire while attempting to escape or protect their homes. 10,000 houses were reduced to ashes, leaving thousands of families homeless and without their belongings.

REMAR SOS establishes a support center in El Olivar

The NGO REMAR in Chile activated the REMAR SOS emergency protocol and has established a support center in the El Olivar community of Viña del Mar, one of the hardest-hit areas. From the very beginning, the volunteer team moved to the location and has been providing vital assistance to the victims, offering breakfast, lunch, and dinner to around 300 to 400 people daily.

A safe and welcoming space for the affected families

The REMAR center, located in a neighborhood association building that was not affected by the fire, provides a safe and welcoming space for families who have lost everything. In addition to meals, the organization also distributes clothing, water, groceries, essential items, and mattresses.

A team committed to the community

A group of several young volunteers and cooks work tirelessly to provide care and support to the victims. There is so much need among the population that every help is important, and the work of REMAR SOS volunteers is vital in supporting hundreds of people, not only materially but also providing words of encouragement, comfort, and support.

REMAR volunteers in Chile interact daily with hundreds of people who, despite having lost everything, refuse to give up. Families come together to rebuild their homes and their lives.

A fresh start: Helping children move forward

From the REMAR SOS headquarters, activities are also organized for children, including play areas and recreational activities for the little ones, aiming to make their days more bearable and easier to face, achieving hopeful smiles amidst so much destruction.

One of the priorities is to help children from affected families by providing them with uniforms and school supplies for the new school year starting in March, which becomes a difficulty for parents given the conditions they are in to provide everything necessary for them to start their studies.

Many institutions have been here for a few days, but they are already leaving the area, closing shelters and kitchens. The REMAR SOS volunteer team will continue to help in the disaster area for as long as necessary.

A call to action: rebuilding El Olivar together

The tragedy of Viña del Mar has left a deep wound in the community. However, amidst the pain, solidarity has also blossomed. It’s time to come together to rebuild El Olivar and provide a better future for the affected families.

Every small gesture can make a big difference and restore hope to the families who have suffered so much

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