Family Care

The beginning of a family program is subject to providing a room service for normal habitability and general kitchen, laundry, dining room and recreational services, conducting talks that aim to normalize the relationship between spouses, parents and children, care to specific personal problems, orientation in various areas, existence of a conducive environment, care in the education of children, etc.

Having a roof is one of the first needs that we have started to cover. REMAR has reception and/or protection centers for different groups. Our desire is to train exemplary people who are useful to society and we believe that this work has to begin in the basic and primary social nucleus, which is the family. These homes not only cover the need for housing, they also provide care, food, education and training, protection, clothing, education to orphaned children, abandoned or handed over by the authorities for mistreatment or various problems.

The main objective is the normalization of family life:

● Spousal relationship.

● Parent-child relationship.

● Attention to specific personal problems.

● Orientation in different areas.

● Existence of an enabling environment.

● Care in children’s education.


The vast majority of the families that access this program come from people who have overcome previous stages in the center and begin to live together with their families, other times families who are in a situation of social emergency and are admitted to our centers, and finally we have come to have cases of marriages that are contracted between young people from the center.

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