Remar Prisons

Visits are made to prisons to conduct social support interviews with inmates of the center and assistance in basic needs to family members of prisoners without resources, totally free of charge, offer of places in REMAR center for the alternative serving of sentences in inmate system in inmates with addictive profiles, offer of places in REMAR center for the alternative serving of sentences with work for the benefit of the community, serving daily hours in labor therapy center and REMAR workshops.

This program works in a stable manner and in collaboration with penitentiary institutions with whom we have an agreement for the completion of sentences such as “TBC” (Works for the Benefit of the Community).

When starting to work in the world of social exclusion, it is practically impossible not to meet people who have an impact on prison issues, since especially in marginal environments there is a tendency to delinquency. That is why REMAR decided to implement a series of specific actions to help people with prison problems. Among these actions we can distinguish two clearly differentiated lines:

  • Visits to penitentiary centers to monitor inmates.

  • The possibility of serving alternative sentences in our centers.


The aim is to collaborate with the civil servants in the primary objective that should govern in any penitentiary institution, which is to prepare the inmate so that in the future he/she does not reoffend and, therefore, does not return to prison. Likewise, we try to take advantage of the time that people are serving their sentences in order to begin rehabilitation treatment or to change their behavior in their lives. In addition, we try to help inmates overcome the painful circumstance of deprivation of liberty.


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