Right to Food

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We work with communities, local organizations and authorities to identify the root causes of food insecurity and malnutrition. We use this knowledge to develop comprehensive and inclusive programming aimed at improving nutrition and achieving food security.

Furthermore, we not only improve people’s access to nutritious food, but we also address the underlying issues that prevent people from accessing and using it healthy in the first place.

REMAR is concerned with improving and developing feeding programs, bringing to life the words “You have no need to leave; give them something to eat.” Matthew 15:16

Bolivia, Ecological Garden

The project consists of improving nutrition, skills and comprehensive development through training, systematic and balanced nutrition for women, adolescents and infants in the Community of La Enconada, Municipality of Cotoca in the Department of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Benefiting a total of 150 people. They propose it as a space that provides the community with the necessary hygiene and equipment conditions to provide the dining room service, a workshop area and a vegetable garden to strengthen social cohesion among community members around healthy eating, in addition seeks to develop community organization so that the dining room is operated by people from the same community, seeking to achieve ownership and sustainability.

Equatorial Guinea, Development of Agri-Food Production

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The development of this project in the town of Nkumtom, Bata municipality, has its precedent in a similar project in 2014 whose purpose was to decrease imports of agricultural products (vegetables, condiments and peanuts), which has motivated the promotion of productive activities in this highly productive area due to the quality of its soils and where products from abroad (Cameroon and Gabon) constitute high rates that require fighting with national production that can well be obtained in this country.

Mali, Chicken Coops Against Hunger

The project consists of increasing skills and comprehensive development through training, balanced nutrition, economic development and sustainable and sustainable employment. Create an aquaculture center for training and development of the aquaculture and agricultural function of the agropastoral farm of Remar Mali in Kaban to fight against rights violations: to food, education, gender equality and decent employment. Aimed at 785 people, 400 boys, girls and young people between 3 and 15 years old. 185 women between 16 and 45 years old and 200 men between 16 and 65 years old from the Koulikoro Region.

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