Angels of Day, help and hope on the streets of Hannover

Fighting poverty in Germany: REMAR offers hope and transformation to those most in need

“Blessed is he who sees others kindly and shares his bread with the poor” Proverbs 22:9

On the streets of Hanover, where the image of prosperity contrasts with the harsh reality of poverty, a group of angels by day offer tangible hope to those most in need. They are the missionaries and volunteers of the NGO REMAR, who every week travel to the most disadvantaged areas bringing food, words of encouragement and the opportunity to transform their lives.

REMAR Germany’s Angels of the Day program consists of delivering hot food, drinks and provisions to people living in poverty, many of them struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism.

Beyond material help, REMAR volunteers offer a space for help and support, providing hope in the midst of darkness. Through evangelism and outreach,   they seek to guide these people towards a path of recovery and social reintegration.

The other side of prosperity: poverty in Germany

Despite being one of the richest countries in the world, Germany is not exempt from poverty. According to official data, more than 21%   of the German population is at risk of poverty or social exclusion. The causes are diverse: unemployment, low wages, lack of affordable housing and social inequality.

The image of poverty in Germany is usually less visible than in other countries, but that does not make it any less real. Homeless people often hide in the shadows, living in parks, train stations or even sewers.

A legacy of help and transformation since 1994

Since its arrival in Germany in 1994, REMAR has carried out invaluable social work, providing support and assistance to people in vulnerable situations. Group homes have served as a refuge for men struggling with drug addiction, offering them a path to recovery and social reintegration.

Beyond borders: Solidarity without limits

REMAR Germany’s solidarity action is not limited to the streets of Hannover. From this country, containers with humanitarian aid are regularly sent to nations facing situations of need and emergency, bringing a message of hope and support to the most disadvantaged.

Helping those most in need

The doors of REMAR Germany are continually open to welcome those seeking help and a new beginning. Their work extends to squares, parks and public places where there are homeless people, immigrants, the elderly and those who live with addiction problems such as drug addiction and alcoholism.

A call to action

REMAR’s work in Hannover is an inspiring example of how solidarity action and commitment can make a difference in the lives of the most vulnerable people. Her work reminds us that a country’s prosperity is not measured only by its economic indicators, but also by the care it provides to those who need it most.

You can be part of this work of love and mercy by giving your support to the   work carried out by REMAR missionaries and volunteers in Germany, collaborate with us and be part of the hope of many people in that country.

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