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Gift Container for Ukraine

DATE : December 14, 2023 AUTHOR : COMMENTS : No Comments

These special dates are approaching again, and we cannot forget the many people who will spend Christmas under the noise of shrill sirens, making them look to the sky not to inquire and scrutinize the times of the Messiah’s coming, like those Eastern astrologers who observed that mysterious star, but rather to quickly seek refuge […]


Remar will soon start distributing humanitarian aid in the Ukrainian cities of Irpin and Bucha.

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Volunteers of the NGO Remar have arrived for the first time in the Ukrainian cities of Irpin and Bucha, where they have met with mayors and governors of these localities, to specify and organize the humanitarian aid that Remar will begin to give to the population affected by the war. The aim of the trip, […]


Remar SOS in Oradea, Romania serves 30 refugee families from Ukraine.

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REMAR SOS continues to work in favor of thousands of refugees on the Romanian-Ukrainian border, currently in the city of Oradea, 30 refugee families are provided with all the necessary assistance such as: shelter, accommodation, food, clothing, footwear, guidance on the migration route they take when leaving Ukraine, emotional support and help in many areas […]


Remar SOS update on ongoing work in Ukraine

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Even if the media no longer reports on the situation in Ukraine. The situation remains very difficult and very precarious. Rising food prices, fuel shortages and rising rental prices are the reason why many of the 7.1 million refugees in Ukraine live in poverty and with the urgency that the winter is yet to come. […]