Director of Remar in Spain and his wife hold important meetings with authorities of Equatorial Guinea.

José Jesús García Porcel Director of REMAR in Spain and his wife Rebeca Díez, have met with Mr. Elías Ondo Mbana Makina, who is the Director General of Civil Society and Ministry of Interior and Local Corporations of the city of Malabo, Guinea, direction that coordinates all the NGOs in the country, their activities and development.

During this meeting a proposal was presented to start a program to collect young people with drug, alcohol and delinquency problems, as well as the possibility of serving sentences within REMAR, a situation that they confirm at this time is a great need. Currently one of the biggest problems among the youth in this country is the street and the consumption of drugs, marijuana, cocaine, and tramadol mixed with alcohol, among others, so they have already begun to look for a house with land in the city of Malabo to start this new project as soon as possible.

During this visit they have also met with several official authorities and important personalities of the country, presenting the work that REMAR has been doing in Guinea since 1996 to date, always working in favor of children and youth, providing food, education and general coverage, so that hundreds of children and young people have a decent life and are in the future, useful people to society.

Likewise, a bilateral agreement is about to be signed with the government of Guinea, so that REMAR can work in coordination with them, which will be signed shortly and will help to facilitate the work between both entities.

We thank the authorities of this country for their hospitality, welcome and kindness, and we thank God for this visit, which opens doors and new relationships to continue working and supporting each project carried out in REMAR Equatorial Guinea.

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