REMAR USA: A community of love and gratitude

The ONG REMAR in the United States celebrated Thanksgiving with a special dinner in its community of Clewiston. The day brought together members of the organization, volunteers, missionaries, and people in the process of rehabilitation in an event full of gratitude and solidarity.

Solidarity in Action: Thanksgiving Day at REMAR

In a gesture of solidarity and gratitude, the ONG REMAR in the United States experienced an unforgettable Thanksgiving in its community of Clewiston. The event brought together members of the organization, volunteers, missionaries, and people in the process of rehabilitation at a dinner that transcended convention.

The Clewiston estate became the setting for this celebration, where warmth and unity were combined with the essence of the spirit of gratitude. The REMAR community experienced a special moment, highlighted by the collective expression of gratitude to God for the abundant blessings and favors received throughout the year.

Transforming Lives in Clewiston, Florida

The day began with the joint preparation of dinner, promoting collaboration and teamwork among REMAR members. This shared experience not only strengthened ties within the organization, but also provided those in the rehabilitation process the opportunity to actively participate, contributing to their integration and personal development.

Montura Ranch: A Refuge of Hope

The celebration included moments of reflection and prayer, where the importance of gratefully recognizing God’s help and continuing to work together to help those in need was highlighted. REMAR’s commitment to the community and its dedication to providing comprehensive support was evident in every aspect of this Thanksgiving dinner. 

The activity concluded with an atmosphere of palpable joy and gratitude, leaving a lasting impression on all participants. The ONG REMAR in Clewiston not only celebrated Thanksgiving, but also reaffirmed its commitment to the mission of transforming lives and building a future full of hope for those who need it.

REMAR USA Humanitarian Commitment

Since 1992, REMAR USA has been dedicated to offering helping hands to hundreds of people, totaling three decades of tireless work through its missionaries and volunteers, guided by love and compassion towards those most in need. This enduring commitment is fueled by the impulse of God’s love, serving as a living testimony to the transformative force that resides in selfless giving.

Comprehensive Rehabilitation: More than a Phase, an Opportunity for Change

In the town of Montura in Clewiston, Florida, the First Phase of Rehabilitation of the ONG REMAR in the United States is a place of hope. This center not only represents a refuge for those struggling with battles against addiction and homelessness, but also embodies an unwavering commitment to the community, providing help to dozens of people at risk.

La Finca de Montura Ranch, functions as a space for transformation and self-sustainability. Here, the activities and projects, which include interaction with farm animals, are not only therapeutic but also educational, providing those going through the rehabilitation process with an ideal environment to rebuild their lives.

REMAR USA: Transforming lives

The farm not only serves as a foster home, but also becomes a family environment, immersed in nature, where individuals in recovery and those at risk can learn skills in the field, adopt new habits and improve. their living conditions. This comprehensive work aims to facilitate their successful reintegration into society.

REMAR USA: A comprehensive approach to social assistance

In addition to the First Phase of Rehabilitation and Reintegration, REMAR missionaries and volunteers allocate their efforts to sending containers of humanitarian aid to countries where the organization works with low-income populations. In the city of Miami, Florida, the commitment extends even further, with the weekly delivery of food to families at risk. 

Likewise, evangelistic activities are carried out with the homeless, offering every Sunday a space for communion where the word of God is shared and both spiritual and material food is provided, creating a family atmosphere among those who face adversity on the streets.

REMAR USA: A committed organization

REMAR USA is an organization committed to transforming lives. Thanks to the work of its missionaries and volunteers, hundreds of people have found hope and a new opportunity.

We invite you to be part of this work of love and compassion. Support REMAR USA and contribute to the transformation of lives. You can participate as a volunteer, make donations or spread the cause through social networks. Together, we can be agents of change and build a more supportive and hopeful world.

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